Veteran operators looking for passionate co-founders.


Jeff Glass and Andy Miller

StartingFive founders Jeff Glass and Andy Miller are serial entrepreneurs who also have a significant amount of venture investment experience.  

Together, Jeff and Andy have started and/or run 10+ companies, including transformative businesses such as m-Qube and Quattro Wireless, and they've had businesses acquired by Apple, Verisign, Bertelsmann and Liberty Media among others.  Both have spent time as at top tier venture capital firms with impressive investment track records, investing in more than a dozen technology, media, mobile and internet companies such as LinkedIn and Leap Motion.  Additionally, they've served as board members and/or advisors to dozens of other businesses.  

All told, the Founders have been involved in companies worth tens of billions of dollars, seen dozens of acquisitions, built companies from the ground up to hundreds of millions in revenue. Jeff and Andy are excited to build a small portfolio of next generation companies by leveraging their experience, network, domain expertise and reputations.


Andrew identifies opportunities for innovative and disruptive new ventures at StartingFive - and helps to launch those ideas by providing all aspects of early building strategy. 

Prior to StartingFive, Andrew was an investor at General Catalyst Partners, where he assessed opportunities in the consumer space. Before joining General Catalyst, Andrew was Co-Founder and CEO of Spogo – a sports related real time gaming platform that sold to NTN Buzztime in 2014. Before his leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship, Andrew spent two years as an investment banker at Cowen and Company in New York City. He graduated from the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond in Virginia.