We Marry veteran experience with youthful passion...

As a veteran team that has started, run, and invested in tens of companies, our strength is in identifying unique opportunities and putting together the building blocks of early stage startups.

For each company we conceive, we find co-founders who share our vision to drive the business forward. Think of us as ship builders. We build the ships, then we find the right captain and team to sail them. 

to create Five Companies in Five Years...

Our role is to conceive of new businesses, fully diligence opportunities, provide initial capital, build MVPs, find product market fit, and identify a co-founding team. Over the next five years, we hope to start five innovative companies that disrupt industries. 

with a Thematic Driven Approach.

Our team has experience across industries, which leads us to be opportunistic and thematically driven in our approach.

Here are some areas we're thinking about today:

  • Mobile solutions in areas where demographic trends suggest growth
  • "Consumerfication" of the enterprise
  • Digital payments for new use cases and applications
  • Translating lessons of the millenial generation into businesses for other segments
  • Contemplating how technology can play a role in shrinking the opportunity divide in our country